Parents of 19-year-old killed at Hickory Hill nightclub hope for any suspect information

Manhunt Monday

Mauriceo Dandridge, 19

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mauriceo Dandridge’s parents are still trying to come to terms with the senseless murder of their son.

Their lives were turned upside-down with a late-night phone call no parent wants to get.

“My daughter came downstairs and woke me and my husband up and said Mauriceo just got shot in the neck,” his mother said.

Memphis Police said 19-year old Dandridge and four other people were shot in the parking lot of Truth nightclub last month. He parents went rushing to see him.

“He was deceased when we went there, they wouldn’t let us see him,” his mother said.

The four other people shot were rushed to the hospital and are expected to be OK.

Dandridge’s father can’t understand why someone would pull out a gun and shoot into a crowd of people.

Right now, no one has given police the information they need to arrest the shooter.

“People next to my son, they got shot, so I’m assuming someone had to be next to the shooter,” he said. “Hard times sleeping. Can’t even stay at work long. I barely eat.”

Dandridge’s mother said she texted her son a few hours before his murder. She said it was his first time at the club, and he was only there to support a friend .    

“I just wished I would’ve called him instead of texting him,” she said. “I wish I would called him and stopped him from going up there.”

A young man with a bright future had his life cut too short with another unthinkable act of violence.

“Turn yourself in — you got to face the consequences one day,” his father said. “Judgement will come upon you. I hope you believe in God because I hope he has mercy on your soul.”

If you know who killed Mauriceo Dandridge, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH. All calls are confidential.

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