MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hours before a Mother’s Day celebration, Vicki Spearman received the news that no mother wants to receive.

Her daughter, Keva Partee, was shot and killed on May 8 just after 2 a.m.

Memphis police said they got a call about a crash on Union Avenue near Cleveland in Midtown. They found Partee and the driver of the vehicle unconscious. Moments before the crash, detectives said someone opened fire on their vehicle before they crashed into a building.

Partee, a gospel rapper and nurse, was shot several times.

“She had been shot in the head,” Spearman said. “You can’t take someone’s life and think you’re not going to be held responsible.”

Both Partee and the driver died. Spearman and her family were getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day when an officer knocked on her door with the news.

“The police came up, and they informed me my daughter had been.. They thought it was a car accident, but she was actually shot,” Spearman said.

Officers said Partee and the driver had just left a rap group’s video shoot. They believe there may have been a disturbance before the shooting.

Three months later, Spearman is still praying for answers.

“The gun violence in Memphis has got to stop,” she said. “It’s taken away the brightest and the most innocent people has done anything to anybody. You might be walking around breathing while my baby is laying in that cold grave right now, but your day is coming.”

If you know who killed Keva Partee, call (901)-528-CASH. There is a $2,000 reward for information leading to her killer.

All calls are confidential.