MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three children will never see their mother again after police say she was intentionally hit and killed by a driver earlier this month.

Toneshia Hardeman’s family is now asking anyone who can help police find her killer to come forward.

The woman’s aunt and oldest son sat down with WREG to tell their story in this week’s Manhunt Monday.

Joseph Hardeman would give anything just to see his mother’s face and hear her voice one more time.

“My mom was a loved, kind, loving person,” Joseph said.

Memphis Police say someone intentionally hit 36-year-old Toneshia Hardeman with a car on August 3 just after 6 a.m. in the morning. Investigators say it happened in the 3300 hundred block of Mountain Terrance Street near Frayser Blvd.

“The bond that I have with my momma, I know when something is going on and I know when something is wrong,” Joseph said.

Hardeman says the morning his mother was run over by a car, he was at home waiting on her to pick him up for school, and when she didn’t show up, he knew something bad had happened.

“I was just texting her like ‘Mom, I gotta go, I gotta be somewhere. Where are you?’ It was going straight to voicemail,” Joseph said.

Hardeman says he used his phone to check his mother’s location and realized she was only three minutes away.

“I’m walking and texting, calling and texting. When I make it to the end of the street, I see crime scene tape so I got scared,” Joseph said.

Joseph says by the time he made it to the crime scene, paramedics had already rushed his mother to the hospital. At the same time, officers were knocking on his grandmother’s door.

The police went to the mom’s house. They started asking her if she was in a domestic violence situation,” Laquita Hardeman said. “They told her to get down to the hospital and that she was critical. By the time that everybody had made it to the hospital, she had passed away.”

Laquita Hardeman is Toneshia’s aunt, she says when saw her niece in the hospital it looked like she had been beaten.

“They said she had been hit by her own car twice. So she was hit by her car and then the person looped around, jumped the curb, and came back and hit her again,” the aunt said.

Investigators are still trying to put all the pieces together to figure out who killed Toneshia Hardeman and why. Meanwhile, Toneshia’s three kids are now being forced to grow up without their mother.

“This is my 12th-grade year. It’s going to be sad that she’s not going to be there. Everybody else’s mom is going to be there, mine is not,” Joseph said.

If you know what happened to Toneshia Hardeman, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH. Your tip could help put a dangerous criminial behind bars and $2,000 cash in your pocket.