MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Keirra McNeil was 32 years old and six months pregnant when she was shot and killed outside a Cordova Walgreens in 2020.

“My family wants to take justice into their own hands, and I have to talk them off the ledge all the time, every day,” said Tonya Kerr, the victim’s mother.

Keierra McNeil

Memphis Police say her daughter was killed on August 20, 2020. It happened in the parking lot of Walgreens in the 9000 block of Walnut Grove in Cordova.

Kerr says her daughter was pregnant and went to Walgreens to meet someone to talk about her child. Homicide investigators say Keierra was sitting in her car waiting on the person to arrive when she was ambushed.

“She was backed up,” said Kerr. “The front of her car was facing Walgreens, so her back end was out towards Walnut Grove. Someone came through the bushes, went around her car and shot her.”

Kerr says her daughter didn’t stand a chance to get away. “Their aim was strictly at her stomach. I think it was five shots to the stomach and one to the leg. So whoever did this was aiming to make sure she did not have the baby.”

Police say the gunman took Keierra’s life that day and the life of her unborn child.

Kerr prays every day that her daughter’s killer will soon be brought to justice.

“I can’t even describe the pain that I am feeling. I wouldn’t want anybody to feel this pain,” said Kerr.

If you know who killed Keierra McNeil, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-2274. Your tip could help put a dangerous criminal behind bars and $2,000 in your pocket. Remember, all calls are confidential.

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