MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Whitehaven mom heard the gunshot that took her son’s life. Now, she’s speaking out in hopes of getting some help in finding his killer.

Cassandra Osby is heartbroken after the death of her son.

“I go to church. I pray a lot because it’s days that I really don’t want to go on, but I know I have to go on,” she said.

Memphis Police said 31-year-old Larry Moss was sitting in a car in the parking lot of the Mill Creek Apartments in Whitehaven back in March when he was shot. Osby had just walked into her apartment.

“It wasn’t no time. We heard a lot gunshots. We was hearing gunshots, so we took cover to the ground because some of the bullets entered my house,” she recalled.

Osby said she and her younger son barely escaped the gunfire.

“When the shooting stopped, we went outside, and we went on the driver’s side of Larry’s car, and that’s when I seen that Larry was gone,” she said.

Memphis Police said witnesses saw several people shooting at Moss. His mother said he didn’t have any enemies.

“When they took my son, they also took a part of me. It’s hard really to go on because I don’t understand why anyone would do that to him,” Osby said.

She hopes his killers are turned in.

“They need to be caught. I look at them as being a coward. For someone to do what they did, they don’t need to be on the streets,” she said.

If you know who killed Larry Moss, you are urged to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH. Your tip could help get some dangerous criminals off the street and put $4,000 cash in your pocket. Remember, all calls are confidential.

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