Memphis Police search for elderly woman’s killer

Manhunt Monday
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — "Always consider her a friend. Very sweet, nice person."

Virgina Llardi still can't believe that her friend is gone.

Memphis Police say 81-year old Catherine Wicker was visiting her son at the Sycamore Lake Apartments when someone grabbed her purse. Officers say Wicker started yelling and screaming; a good Samaritan jumped in to help, but the suspect got away — though not before running Wicker over.

"I went outside, I seen the car immediately pulling out of the parking space, hitting my friend's car beside his, pulling around then coming out the space, pulling around, hitting the lady. Everyone screamed. Hit another car, hit another car, then pulled out of the apartment complex,” said witness Calvin Williams.

Homicide detectives have been searching for Wicker's killer for six months.

"It's bad enough to rob somebody, but then to run someone over and just keep on going like nothing happened..." Lt. Tony Mullins said.

Officers say the suspect was driving a stolen Chevy Malibu when he hit Wicker.

"She's elderly, she's 81-years old, there is no need to do these things, and just to run somebody down with no regard, Mullins said. "I think for most officers, and not just here, anywhere, it's more disturbing with the very young and the very old because who are they going to hurt? ... This woman was no threat to anyone."

Investigators say they won't stop until Wicker's killer is behind bars.

"This suspect needs to know, what everybody should know, is that when we get these cases, it doesn't matter if it takes us a week, a month, a year, we are not going to stop. We are going to keep going, we are going to keep digging, and when we find the people responsible, the maximum thing that we can do is what they are going to get."

If you know who robbed and killed Catherine Wicker, homicide detectives want to hear from you. All calls are confidential.

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