Manhunt Monday: Who killed Robert Cawthon?

Manhunt Monday
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family is still waiting for answers one year after a drag racing accident claimed the life of a young father

Robert Cawthon’s mother wants to know who crashed into her son’s car and left him for dead. “I never would have imagined living without him,” she said.

In February 2018, 28-year-old Robert Cawthon was killed on Mount Moriah Road, near Pickering Drive. According to a report obtained by WREG, Cawthon had just pulled on to Mount Moriah when two cars speeding down the road plowed into his car.

Robert’s fiance, Michelle Oliver, is trying to hold it together. “The police told me he was struck by a person that had a stolen a yellow Camaro doing 95, or over 100 miles-per-hour.”

Paramedics tried to rush Cawthon to the hospital, but he died on the way, leaving his family wondering why this had to happen.

“He left behind a 4-year-old child. She has to grow up without a father,” Oliver said.

She says to make matters worse, witnesses told police after Robert’s car was hit one of the drivers turned around, picked up the other driver and sped off. No one checked on the father of her child.

“I have to continue my life without my son,” Robert’s mother said. “I pray that we see each other again real soon one day.”

If you anything about the crash that killed Robert Cawthon, call The Memphis Police Department at (901)-528-CASH. You could receive up to $1,000. All calls are confidential.

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