Manhunt Monday: Parents of three children murdered on the way to job interview

Manhunt Monday
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The parents of three small children were gunned down on the way to a job interview in broad daylight in December in North Memphis.

The family fears if the killer is not caught soon, he could get away with murder.

Tameka Newby is now raising her three nephews after her brother and his girlfriend were killed.

“I have to see my nephews cry, calling out for their mother and their daddy,” Newby said.

Memphis Police said Zenles Newby and his girlfriend Akasukilaski Pettis were shot multiple times while sitting in a truck on Alma Street in North Memphis. Investigators said this was not the first time the couple had to dodge gunfire.

“They had been shot at the previous day on another street in that same vehicle, so we feel like this is a personal thing,” Newby said.

Belvetta Newby, Zenles’ mother, said she thinks the shooting has something to do with a dispute over a gambling debt.

She said she saw her son moments before his murder. He stopped by her house on his way to a job interview,

She said it was the happiest she’s seen him in a long time. She never imagined it would be the last time she would see him alive.

“It’s was just like I was broken, like pieces were breaking off of me,” Belvetta Newby said. “I said, Lord, my poor child is gone, I’ll never get to see him no more.”

A senseless shooting left three small children to grow up without their parents.

“My 11-year-old nephew saying, ‘Tee-tee I can’t close my eyes, I see my mommy and daddy,'” Tameka Newby said. “They don’t have a mommy and a daddy, and sometimes I hate for my kids to call me mommy around them.”

Anyone who knows information about who murdered Zenles Newby and Akasukilaski Pettis should call Memphis Police at 901-528-CASH. All calls are confidential.


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