Manhunt Monday: Father grieves son’s loss 7 years after shooting

Manhunt Monday
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Seven years have passed, and a father is still at square one in his search the people who murdered his son on a holiday.

Randy Williams Sr. is a father worn out from worry. He has spent the last seven years dealing with the senseless murder of his son.

In 2012, hundreds of people were out celebrating Christmas Eve at Club Crave on Beale, when their party quickly turned into tragedy. Someone opened fire on a crowd of people standing outside the club.

Three people were shot including Williams’ son, 25-year-old Randy Williams Jr., an up-and-coming local rapper.

Williams says the bullet hit his son in his head.

Paramedics rushed Williams to the hospital but he didn’t survive. His injures were so devastating that doctors wouldn’t let his parents see him.

“His mother wanted to go to the coroner. He said, ‘Don’t let her see her baby like that,’ and I didn’t want to see him like that either,” Williams said.

Williams admits when he lost his son, he also lost a part of himself. The grief of dealing with his son’s murder has led to many sleepless nights.

“People say I be smiling all the time,” he said. “They don’t know, I’m really smiling just to keep from crying.”

To make matters worse, Williams says on the day they buried his son, someone fired shots at his funeral. Memphis police are still investigating both cases.

“It’s a empty feeling knowing that they are still walking around and could be hurting someone else,” Williams said.

If you know who killed 25-year-old Randy Williams Jr., call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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