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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Sandra Bady`s life will never be the same.

She had to do something no parent should ever have to do: bury her 18-year-old son Melvin Brown.

“If they destroyed his life, they will destroy someone else’s life.”

The Marshall County Sheriff Department said last October, Brown was sitting in a White BMW in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Brown’s friend — who was inside a home — told police he heard a gunshot, ran outside and saw a man wearing a skull cap drive off in the car with Brown still inside.

After a hours long search, deputies found the car with Brown`s body still inside with a gunshot wound to the head.

“They went as far as after they killed him, they stole the shoe off of his feet… the tennis shoes off of his feet!” said Kelly McMillan with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

Marshall County deputies said they won`t rest until the shooter is behind bars.

“There are individuals in this county and in this city that know something about several of these homicides, they are just afraid to come forward or give us information because they are afraid of potential gang activity.”

But Brown’s mother isn’t afraid to say what she thinks should happen to her son’s murderer.

“God knows if they give them the chair, I won`t stop them.”

If you know who killed Brown, you are asked to call the Marshall County Sheriff Department at (662) 252-1311.

All calls are confidential.