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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police in Holly Springs, Mississippi need your help solving a robbery investigation at a convenience store.

Detective Milton Palmer has one thing on his mind: putting a masked, gun-carrying robber behind bars. Holly Springs Police said a man walked into the Circle K store on Highway 7 last October with a gun and a plan to get away with some quick cash.

“We are going to get you,” Detective Palmer said. “We are not just going to let it go.”

Video surveillance showed the robber moments before he entered the store. Cameras also captured a car that is believed to be the getaway vehicle backing into a carwash stall. The man is then seen walking across the parking lot towards the Circle K store.

“He was dressed in camouflage, camouflage hat, camouflage jacket,” Detective Palmer said. “He had dark colored jeans and white Airforce ones.”

Seconds later, cameras capture him walking in the store with an assault weapon and locking the door.

“He was telling them to get down,” Detective Palmer said. “It seems kind of strange because the clerk did not get down.”

This was a clue detectives quickly picked up on. Investigators said the gunman walked behind the counter and demanded cash. Surveillance video showed the store clerk giving the gunman cash from the register.

Detectives said the gunman was not working alone and had inside help. Less than a week after the robbery, Holly Springs Police charged the former store clerk, Derricka Griffin, with robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime in connection with the case.

However, officers are still looking for the actual robber.

“I think he’s a local,” Detective Palmer said. “I have reason to believe that someone knows him here. I have reason to believe he has family here.”

If you recognize the robber, you are urged to call the Holly Springs Police Department at 662-252-2122.

All calls are confidential.