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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police now have a better idea of the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run accident that left a Covington mother desperate for answers.

Jennifer Whiteman said her 15-year-old son, Anthony Whiteman, was riding his bike near Highway 51 close to Garland Street in Covington when someone hit him with a truck.

“He called me and said, ‘Mom, I’m on my way home. I’m at Walmart. I’ll be there in thirty minutes, and he never showed up,” Whiteman said recalling their conversation.

When someone hit Anthony with a truck, Covington Police say the driver did not stop. The impact from the crash left Anthony unconscious.

“He was struck from behind,” Police Chief Donna Turner said. “So it was a car that drove up on him, and in those conditions would have know that they hit something because we have car parts at the scene.”

Police said it was raining heavily on the night Anthony was hit. Paramedics rushed Anthony to Regional One Hospital where he was barely hanging on to life. When Whiteman arrived to the emergency room, she received the worst news imaginable.

“The doctor, he told us that there were no brain waves in his brain,” she said.

Anthony did not survive. Whiteman says her family has been living a nightmare for the last year not knowing what happened or why it happened.

“Wondering why the person didn’t stop that hit him, wondering what Anthony was thinking that night,” Whiteman said.

Detectives said witness statements and surveillance video obtained by the Covington Police Department show what appears to be a 2003-2006 tan Chevrolet Avalanche hitting Anthony and leaving the scene traveling north on Highway 51.

“You know who you are, and you know what you did,” Whiteman said. “And the more time that you guys wait, the more that it takes a toll on us.”

If you know who killed 15-year-old Anthony Whiteman, call Covington Police Department at (901)-475-4300 or (901)-500-6222.

All calls are confidential.