Dollar General employees lucky to be alive after coming face-to-face with three armed robbers

Manhunt Monday
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TATE COUNTY, Miss. — Not even a week on the job, and one Dollar General employee came face-to-face with robbers.

Last month, Adina Dancy, who was only on her fourth day on the job, and her co-worker were preparing to go home for the night.

They just locked the doors at the Dollar General store on Arkabutla Road in Tate County, Mississippi. Only moments after the doors were closed, three men with guns shot through the front door.

In a video obtained by WREG, the three men can be seen crawling through the broken glass. Dancy and her co-worker tried to get away, but she said the gunmen grabbed them, held a gun to her head and pistol whipped her co-worker .

“When you have a gun held to your head, you don’t know, all you think about is your family,” Dancy said. “That’s what I was telling them. My kids, my kids, my kids, I want to go home to my kids.”

Dancy said they did everything the gunmen asked them to do, but they still threaten to kill them.

“Asking us if we wanted to die and, ‘Give us the money,’ and, ‘If you don’t, you are going to die right now,’ ‘You got three seconds, or you are gonna die,'” Dancy said.

Dancy and her co-worker waited for the gunmen to get distracted, and they ran away. They locked themselves in the restroom until help arrived.

“The first person I called  was my husband, and I called my mother, and I told them, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to make it, I just want to let y’all know what’s going on, and I love y’all,'” Dancy said.

The Tate County Sheriff’s Department rushed to the store.

“We could very well be investigating a homicide,” said Capt. Jeff Farrow with the Tate County Sheriff’s Department.

Dancy said coming face-to-face with three gunmen has her looking at life differently.

“It makes me scared to go anywhere,” she said. “It makes me scared to want to come to work.”

If you know who robbed the Dollar General store, call the Tate County CrimeStoppers at 662-301-1111. Your tip could earn you up to $1000. All calls are confidential.

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