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(Memphis)  A Christmas sign in North Memphis is getting a lot of attention this holiday season. It says “All I want for Christmas is child support”. 

They’re the kind of words you expect to hear from a struggling single mom.

“I just took a piece of wood and painted it,” said Joseph Wheeling.

But this handyman, and father of two, says it was his paint brush and his grievance, “It was just what I was feeling at the time.  It’s Christmas and I don’t have any money and, you know, I was irritated.”

Irritated enough to let the world know, and his ex, she owes him some money.

“Over a year’s worth,” said Wheeling. “She pays three dollars every 90 days.”

“I’m sure she’s seen the sign because she drives by all the time.”

Wheeling says his business is slow, so family and friends helped puts presents under the tree for his two daughters. But his wish for Christmas, not even Santa Claus can make happen.

“And you are kind of over it?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I’m passed over it,” said Wheeling.

But in a way, his pain is bringing some pleasure to his North Memphis neighbors.

“Look at that sign!” said Passerby Courtney Jones.

“I’ve seen a lot of people stop and take pictures of it,” said Wheeling.

In fact, it’s brought laughter and honks of car horns at all hours of the night.  But Wheeler says it doesn’t bother him. After all, it’s just  few days ’til Christmas, “It just means that somebody else is probably in the same situation.”

Wheeling says his ex owes him more than $30,000 in child support.  All while the handyman sends both of his daughters to private school.