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JONESBORO, Ark. — Jonesboro Animal Control took to their Facebook page to warn all of North East Arkansas about a man who used the social media site to find dogs for fights.

They didn’t know his name, but cautioned shelters and pet owners to be on high alert.

Animal Control officers in Marion were also warning about dog fighters who forced dogs to fight in the trunks of cars.

Officer Becky Blundell said abusers will drive until the noise from the trunk stopped and either one or both of the dogs was dead.

Blundell said people like the man looking for bait dogs online was the reason the Marion Shelter does background checks on anyone adopting an animal.

She said pet owners also have to be watchful for dog thieves.

“Keep an eye on your pet. Identification tags are always necessary,” she said.

There were dogs at the Marion Animal Shelter that were rescued from fighting rings, and Blundell wanted people to know they can still make great pets.

“If they don’t have other animals in the household, they’re wonderful dogs,” she explained.

While dogs at the Marion shelter are safe, to rescue others they need your help.

“Call CrimeStoppers,” Blundell said. “There’s a $5,000 reward for anything that leads to dog fighting.”

The number for Crittenden County CrimeStoppers is (870) 732-4444.