MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men were arrested after they broke into a victim’s home and held him at gunpoint in front of a two-year-old.

On January 21, officers responded to a home invasion in the 800 block of Stratford Road. According to reports, the victim told police that two men came to his home, one claiming that his cell phone was pinging at the location.

The victim told the men he did not have a phone, and the suspects left. They returned a few minutes later, and Derrick Johnson broke into his home through the back door, police say.

The victim walked out of the front door, and Johnson followed him with a gun, saying, “Give me my phone, or I’m going to do something crazy.” Johnson then grabbed the victim by the throat and stuck the gun in his mouth.

Police say a 2-year-old girl was standing next to the victim during the incident.

The other suspect, Martez Johnson, stood outside the front door and told the victim to give them the phone.

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Officers arrived at the scene and saw Martez walking towards the front door. Derrick came out of the house and went to his car.

MPD says they detained both suspects before searching Derrick’s car. They found a loaded, tan gun in the glove box.

Both suspects were taken to the police department, where they refused to give statements, reports say.