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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is behind bars after being charged with first degree murder when a woman was killed inside her car on Saturday in East Memphis, the city’s first homicide of 2022.

A family is in mourning after the first homicide of 2022, and a mother told us her 20-year-old daughter is the victim.

Bryndon Smith has been charged with first degree murder after a shooting off Walnut Grove.

Debris still remained Monday afternoon following a crash off Walnut Grove when a car struck a pole on Saturday.

When first responders showed up, they learned a woman had been shot and was taken to the hospital by another driver.

Detectives said they found 23-year-old Bryndon Smith at the scene.

Smith told officers he had been in a relationship with the victim for two years. He told police they had gotten into an argument, and he shot her.

He tried telling investigators it was an accident, but on Monday, they’ve charged him with first degree murder.

We spoke with a woman today who said she is the victim’s mother. She identified her as 20-year-old Alexis Nicole Cobb, a smart young woman and a student at MTSU.

She said Smith had been violent in the past with her daughter.

WREG did some research and found two arrests in the last three months, but charges were dropped.

Cobb’s mother said her daughter was afraid for her life. The family was doing what they could to try and help her.

Sandy Bromley, the Executive Director of the Shelby County Crime Victims and Rape Crisis Center wants to remind families help is available.

“It can be really tough watching someone you love in a violent relationship and it’s also tough not knowing if they’re in that relationship. You know something may just feel off. So just making sure we’re checking in on people we love on a very frequent basis,” Sandy Bromley said. “So, if you see something off just ask about and try to do so delicately from a sense of I care about you.”

Stats shared by the Memphis Police Department show the number of homicides and murders compared to last year.

“I want folks to know that this isn’t inevitable. Violence is not inevitable. We have ways that we can prevent violence and it’s going to take each of us to do that though.” Sandy Bromley said. “It’s going to take us locking up our firearms, if we need mental help, physical help, whatever it may be don’t be ashamed to reach out for that help.”

For more information, visit the Shelby County Victims and Rape Crisis Center website