Man Shoots at Roommate Over Laundry

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(Memphis) Anyone who has ever had a roommate knows disagreements will come up.

A Raleigh man is now behind bars for the way he handled an argument.

“I don't know what to say,” said Ken Burks, a neighbor. “I'm shocked.

People who live in the Raleigh neighborhood are calling the crime ridiculous.

Memphis Police say a man tried to shoot his roommate over the laundry.

“He was a great guy, for all I know,” said Burks.

Too much bleach? Mixing colors with whites?

Police are not saying what about the laundry caused 60-year-old Henry Smith to snap.

All they say is he pointed a gun at his roommate's chest and pulled the trigger.

The victim says the gun misfired and he took off but smith shot again.

The bullet missed the roommate.

“I had no idea that there was a shooting next door,” said Ron Berkley.

He was at home on Hocker Hedge Cove Monday night when he heard a loud noise.

He went outside but didn't see anything.

Today he learned the noise was gunfire, police say over laundry.

“Today it seems like they can get upset and go to the extreme over anything; an ice cream cone, the laundry, whatever,” said Berkley. “Nothing surprises me today.”

The victim called police.

They arrested Smith and charged him with Aggravated Assault.

Police say he confessed to shooting the ground outside near his roommate.

Berkley knows roommates argue, but says it shouldn't lead to a shooting.

“Just hard to imagine that someone would do that over laundry,” said Berkley. “It really is. It totally blows my mind.”

Smith is in jail on a $25,000 bond. He goes before a judge on Wednesday.

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