Man Says He Was Attacked At Store Where Worker Shot Shoplifter

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(Memphis) A Memphis man is speaking out about a store where police say a worker shot a shoplifter.

Link Carter says he knew something was bound to happen at the South Memphis store "King of Discount" because he says he too was attacked by a store worker there in 2007.

“I told them, if you guys don't do something about this store, somebody is going to get seriously hurt,” said Carter.

Carter says he told police those words, six long years ago.

He says workers at the King of Discount Food Mart attacked him when he tried to stop them from beating another man inside the store.

“I told him to leave the old man alone and he swung over my head to hit the old man.”

Carter says when he left the store, workers followed him to his ca.

“They hit me on my arm here. I got a knot still in my arm and they started beating me and my nephew said I passed out.”

Since that beating, Carter says he's been fighting for justice.

“I went to the hospital and had nine stitches but they said they didn't have enough evidence to indict him on.”

Then, just this week, he heard that another worker at the King of Discount shot a shoplifter.

“He didn't try to shoot him right away. He came out to him with a baseball bat first,” said worker David Azzizdowdi.

"Probably the same one they hit me with,” said Carter.

We visited the store Tuesday and asked worker's about Link's case.

They say it isn't true, but admit violence took place in the store that day when a shopper put his hands on the owner.

In this recent situation, workers say the shoplifter was acting irate and Walid Al Kabsh was afraid when he shot him.

But Carter says the recent shooting and arrest of Kabsh highlights a problem he's been trying to tell authorities about for years.

“I had told the police at the time, who were giving me a run around, that something serious was going to happen if nobody does anything about this situation,” said Carter. “I was afraid that someone was going to get killed over there.”

Carter says his next step in his fight for justice is a court date in civil court on August 27.

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