Man says clerk pulled a gun on him over a soda

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A quick stop at the gas station turned ugly for one customer.

It all happened at the Shell gas station on Belz Boulevard and Third Street in South Memphis.

“It was my normal routine. I came to get some gas and a fountain drink.”

Tradarius Owens says he paid for his drink, gas and left.

“I walked out to the pump and noticed that he shorted me on my gas. So I walked back in the store, and that’s when he called me all types of names. He said, ‘Get your black a** out of here. You stole the slush.”

Owens says he tops his soda off with a slush everyday to keep his soda cold.

He tells us it wasn’t a problem until Wednesday.

“By the time I make it to my pump he’s behind me, and everybody is saying, ‘Look out.’ I turned out around and he looked like he was going to swing at me. I said, ‘Man, what’s the problem?’ He knocked my drink out of my hand and pushed me.”

Victoria Thompson was next door at Boost Mobile when the incident happened.

“I just happened to look outside, and all I saw was the gas station guy jump towards him like he was trying to hit him. Then he reached out and smacked his drink out of his hand.”

Owens says he then went back inside to tell the manager.

“Before I could see the manager, he walked from behind the counter and put the gun to my head and said, ‘Get your black a** out of my store. I will f****** kill you myself.’ Why was a gun put to my head? I was scared for my life.”

He called police, but says they didn’t watch the surveillance video.

Owen tells us police made him pay for the drink a second time.

“They just completely ignored my situation. They said if I don’t want to go to jail right now I need to give the clerk $1.92.”

We’re still waiting to hear back from police.

As far as the store manager goes, we asked if he pulled a gun on Owens and if so why?

He said, he only wanted to speak to police about what happened.

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