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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested after police say he robbed a local gas station and then trapped an employee inside the beer cooler.

The victim was working at the Summer Avenue Mapco gas station on June 23 when Christopher Brown entered to make a purchase. After paying for his items, she said the 53-year-old balled up his fist and acted like he was going to hit her while demanding she leave the cash register open.

She said she initially ignored his threat and closed it, but that didn’t persuade the man to leave. Instead he continued to act in an aggressive manner so she eventually complied. He was given everything in the register which was just $62 in cash.

After searching a back office for more money and throwing hot coffee in her face out of anger, police say Brown locked her in the beer cooler and hopped on a MATA bus. He reportedly used a dolly to keep her from getting out.

Police said they eventually located and stopped that bus and were able to detain Brown. He was charged with kidnapping and robbery.

The violent incident has some in the neighborhood concerned.

“It’s something to keep my guard up about. I tend to naturally watch people as they come in and out of the door. I watch them when they come out of their car to make sure they’re not here to try to rob us,” resident Andrew Ackerman said.

“It used to be alarming, but it’s not anymore. It’s like everyday you’re just not surprised by what goes on in Memphis. It’s just gotten really, really bad,” resident Brandy Britton said.