Man robbed at gunpoint was allegedly set up by friend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man who was robbed at gunpoint was allegedly set up by his own friend. Police say he was interested in buying that friend’s car. But the sale never happened, and the victim ended up losing a lot of cash.

Investigators say the victim and his friend, Jeremy Statts, drove to an East Memphis bank where the victim withdrew $360 for a down payment. Then, they went to the victim’s apartment at Poplar Pines where he pulled out $1,150.

Police say the victim was checking out the car when two men walked up and threw him to the ground. One of them allegedly put a gun to his head. They allegedly stole his cash, wallet and phone before taking off in a car with Statts, who police say was driving.

“You know, I can’t believe that,” Jack West said. He’s lived at Poplar Pines for years, and says the complex is usually safe. “There’s never been any trouble back in here.”

Statts was arrested Monday, more than a week after the robbery. Police say he admitted to planning the whole thing.

“It’s a betrayal,” West said. He can’t believe someone would allegedly do that to a friend. “When you just truly trust, and you get bitten, you don’t get over that for a long time.”

The other two men haven’t been arrested yet. West hopes they are soon. “Need to put ’em away,” he said.

He doesn’t think the victim will ever be the same. “The guy that got victimized, he may never trust anybody again. Not fully.”

Statts is due in court later this week.

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