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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – One Downtown man said his car has been broken into so many times he doesn’t even bother to file a police report anymore.

“They are not going to give you a coupon for new glass,” said Chris Brock. “They don’t notify you when they’ve caught any of these people. They don’t have any updates.”

Chris Brock said two people were caught on camera breaking into his car at Nettleton and Front last Wednesday.

He said there was nothing in the car to take, but they broke out two windows. He said he and his wife’s cars had been broken into five times this year, and he’s had to replace seven car windows.

Vehicle break-in on Nettleton

Brock said several cameras on every side of his condo building have not stopped thieves from targeting the cars parked around it.

“There were 23 cars that were hit at one point in that back parking lot this year, and they’re only like 25 parking spots,” said Brock

Sunday night, at least 30 vehicles were broken into at the South Bluffs Apartments nearby. Residents there said the thieves caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

In March, police responded to several car break-ins following a concert at FedEx Forum.

At the time, MPD said it was working to enhance security downtown by increasing staffing and even incorporating drones.

Brock said he knows police can’t be everywhere, but he would like to see more officers patrolling his neighborhood.

“You just feel really deflated because at what point do you do anything? The criminals win because there’s no police presence downtown.”

Suspects car in Nettleton vehicle break-in

Brock said neighbors are looking out for each even using air horns to scare off suspicious vehicles, but he’s concerned about the months ahead.

“The summertime is usually when it’s the worse, and the summer hasn’t even started,” he said

If you know anything about the car break-ins, call CrimeStoppers at (901)528-CASH.