Man pulls victim from fiery Mississippi car wreck

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A man is being hailed as a hero after he pulled a man out of a fiery car wreck.

Clint Street said he was on his way to work on U.S. 72 near the Marshall/Benton county line Wednesday when he saw a car on the side of the road with its flashers on, and a woman on the side of the road  flagging him down.

Clint Street

“When I got next to the car, I heard a lady scream, and I looked over and I seen the smoke coming out of the hole that the guy had wrecked in,” he said.

As Street kept driving, he knew he had to help.

“I just knew if I was in that position, I would be praying that God would put somebody there to do the same for me.”

He says he turned around, then jumped out of his truck when he saw another car in a ditch, filled with flames.

“I seen the car on fire, and the man had his head stuck out of the door on the side, and I ran down and jumped on the car.”

The man clinched on, fighting to get out.

“He just had that look in his eyes, like, ‘Am I going to drown or burn to death?'”

Street walked the man to his truck where they waited for help. The man seemed to be ok, besides possibly a broken leg, Street said.

He’s says he’s not looking for spotlight — he just believes God led him in the direction to help, and he hopes others do the same.

But one person he does want to give all credit to is the fearless woman who flagged him down.

“Thank the good Lord that he put that lady and me there to help that man.”

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