Man points gun at children during robbery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man faced a terrifying encounter when he was robbed at gunpoint while holding his little boy.

Police said two men kicked the door in and pointed a gun at the man, woman and two young kids inside the house on Goodlett Road.

One of the suspects stood guard while another took a watch and $300.

Police arrested Marques Simpson and are still searching for the other person who pointed the gun at the kids.

Idella Stewart was shocked when her neighbor told her what happened.

“Being here all this time, no one has ever bothered me or anything or messed with me or anything,” Stewart said.

This apartment has been Stewart’s home for the last 18 years. While what happened is concerning, she doesn’t think moving will help.

“It’s all over Memphis, so we can’t say, “Don’t go to South Memphis. Don’t go to North Memphis,'” she said. “Hey, if I go to Cordova, it’s happening. So it doesn’t make any difference. Things are all over.”

Instead, she will continue to be aware of her surroundings, keep a watchful eye over family, especially her great grandson, and hope trouble doesn’t come knocking on their front door.

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