Man pleads guilty to tampering with milk at MS dairy farm


Alfred Thornhill/ MS News Now

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JACKSON, Miss. — A Mississippi man has pleaded guilty to tampering with a stainless steel container filled with milk.

According to Ms News Now, Alfred Thornhill worked at a dairy farm near Crystal Springs when he poured chlorine, acid and bleach into the container.

The container had just collected milk from the cows and was getting ready to be sent to New Orleans for distribution.

The contents of the milk were confirmed by a lab located at Mississippi State University.

When asked why he did it, Thornhill reportedly told agents he poisoned the milk in order to get back at the dairy farmer.

He wanted to ruin him financially.

The 41-year-old is expected to be back in court on January 19.

If convicted he could face a maximum of three years in a federal prison, a $250,000 fine, and restitution to the dairy farm, reported the Department of Justice.

Crystal Springs is located 30 minutes south of Jackson.

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