Man makes generous offer to package thief

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A package was recently stolen right off a man’s porch, but this story has a twist. The victim is actually giving the thief a chance to avoid handcuffs. All the culprit has to do is bring the box back.

The thief was caught on camera taking a package from Steve Yant’s Cordova home Monday. Yant posted signs around his neighborhood with a picture of the guy. The signs say “Bring my package back. Thanks!”

If you take a look at the picture it certainly looks like the culprit is a young man, and Yant doesn’t want something like this to ruin the young man’s life. That’s why Yant won’t press charges if the young man makes amends.

“He doesn’t look confident. He looks kind of scared. I don`t think he`s any hardened criminal,” Yant says.

Cordova resident Robert Stevens says it’s a good deal.

“I just think the kid needs a break. It’s Christmas time… If he does the right thing,” Stevens says.

Theft like this is happening all over. Germantown police, for example, are looking for a number of crooks. Several of the cases were also caught on camera.

“Seems like a crime of opportunity. Maybe they see it as littler risk, not as dangerous or as personal as stealing from people directly,” Yant says.

But Yant doesn’t want the young man who stole from him to turn out like so many others.

“These things start small and can escalate from there. Anytime you see a person so young committing crime, as petty as it might be, it`s certainly sad to see,” Yant says.

But this story can have a positive ending if that young man takes the deal.

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