Man living off Parkway Place with all his belongings outside


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is on the streets with all his belongings after being evicted from his apartment in Binghampton.

The Memphis Animal Shelter also came by and took several cats that were living in his apartment. Neighbors called WREG after seeing him and having concerns for his well-being.

You can see where his stuff is sprawled out as he tries to sell it. He has to leave. He has no place to go. No place to store it.

MAS has those cats up for adoption as part of a $10 adoption special that lasts the entire month of June.

Off the busy street of Parkway Place, stands Titus Blade Steele, 69, surrounded by all his belongings. He says a recent eviction put him there.

“It was just frustrating. He took me to court,” said Steele.

And now he’s trying to sell everything before being kicked off the property that he’s called home for nearly a decade.

He admits he stopped paying rent after having issues with his landlord and that some complained about his apartment turning into a cat haven.

“I love cats. I think cats are wonderful.”

He says the feline companionship has gotten him through life’s darkest moments.

Some of those are documented in a portfolio he keeps nearby, like a newspaper article detailing the murder of his brother.

“That was one of the saddest days of my life because my brother and I were so close.”

But what’s also in the book is a bright history of what Steele’s accomplished.

Pages and pages of articles and pictures showcasing his artwork, galleries and volunteer hours from the past. They’re items he hasn’t pulled out in a long time.

“You kind of get goosebumps. It’s like looking at something for the first time, when you haven’t seen them in awhile.”

He says the experiences behind the book made him want to give back by providing a home for stray cats.

The more than 20 he’d brought in were taken by MAS yesterday as a result of the eviction.

“That breaks my heart.”

MAS officers and neighbors have been by to check on him and offer support.

“They’ve been really generous.”

Steele says he doesn’t know where he’s going to go next, but he hopes wherever it may be, his furry friends will be with him.

His landlord wouldn’t discuss the eviction details with WREG but told us they’ll be there to clean everything that’s left on the lawn on Saturday.

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