Man in Volkswagen accused of harassing women on the road

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are looking for a man accused of tailing women on the roads in East Memphis and Cooper-Young and harassing them.

Daniel Jeanes

Women have been sharing stories on the app NextDoor with striking similarities. One victim in Cooper-Young said he followed her all the way to her destination, made faces at her and finally left after she walked into a nearby business.

A police report says he followed a different woman in an aggressive fashion, swerved in her direction and then laughed hysterically.

Maria Ward says she’s heard the stories of a man in a light blue Volkswagen try to run women off the road and make faces at them.

“Some guy tailing women and trying to sway them off the road,” she said. “If he’s looking just to do this to women, it’d make me kind of afraid.”

A driver who didn’t want to show her face says she had a similar encounter when a man in a blue car tailed her the other day.  She says even though there were other lanes open, he stayed close behind her until she turned off the road.

“I thought it was pretty strange. He was relentless basically,” she said.

Detectives have identified the suspect as 49-year-old Daniel Jeanes. There’s now a warrant out for his arrest for driving without a valid license and reckless endangerment. It’s not clear what a motive may be.

We went to Jeanes’ listed address in the East Buntyn neighborhood, but no one came to the door.

“You could just be driving along and some maniac could pull up beside you and start shooting,” one of Jeanes’ neighbors said. “Times are changing and you got to be more aware of your surroundings and who you converse and deal with.”

If you have any information on Jeanes’ whereabouts, contact Crime stoppers at 528-CASH.

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