Man hurt in high-speed police chase wonders ‘Who’s going to answer for all this?’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Terry Holloway is learning to walk again, after he was hurt by the people he has been trying to help.

His car was hit during a high-speed chase involving the 18-year-old accused of killing Memphis Chamber CEO Phil Trenary.

Though he’s given support to the community by working with troubled juveniles to keep them out of trouble, trouble came barreling into his life. Now he’s frustrated that his community service is on hold.

“I was getting ready to stop,” Holloway recalled. “Next thing I knew, I just heard a loud boom and I blacked out behind the wheel. … All I could do was holler.”

Holloway’s Camaro was crushed into pieces as paramedics loaded him in an ambulance. He woke up hours later in the hospital and remains there a week later.

He now has a rod in his leg and is learning to walk again.

“I’m hurt. I’m mentally suffering because I don’t understand.”

Holloway says neither police nor city officials have visited him to explain what happened. He just knows from the news that the high-speed chase started in Frayser and ended in South Memphis when his car was hit.

Police say they were chasing the man they believe shot and killed Chamber CEO Phil Trenary the night before on South Front.

“They put so many lives in jeopardy. For me to be one of those people, it hurts,” he said.

What hurts even more is that Holloway is a community activist who works with Porter-Leath and Hood Inc.

“I deal with delinquent youth. Juveniles. The guys who commit crimes like the same as what happened to me in that high-speed chase.”

Now Holloway has to put that work on hold. Doctors don’t know when he’ll get out of the hospital.

“Who going to answer for all this? Who going to step up and take the blame for all this?”

Two people — Shymontre Reed, 19, and Quandarius Richardson, 18 — were charged in that crash. Richardson and two others were then charged in connection with Trenary’s murder.

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