Man hopes to return abandoned military flag to Mississippi veteran’s family

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. — “It’s just a great symbol of our country and our freedom.”

It’s a symbol of liberty and when retired, it’s a symbol of honor and gratitude.

“It’s an honor to the person that it was dedicated to.”

Dan Harvey comes from a military family and is a delivery driver in Las Vegas. Saturday he was out delivering packages when he came across a ceremonial flag.

“I see there’s a pile of stuff out here,” he said. “On top here it looked like a flag.”

He thought maybe his eyes were mistaking him.  After all, who would throw away an American flag?

“Sure enough that’s what I found.”

Now the flag, once in a dumpster is in Harvey’s home.

“It says ‘Grandad. For Colonel Stephens. October 2014. McComb, Mississippi,” he read off the back of the flag.

His only goal is to find the rightful owners of Colonel Stephens’ ceremonial flag.He’s already done some digging on the internet and found an obituary that matches the information on the flag.

“It said he was a retired Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Air Force. He served in WWII. He served in Korea.”

“He put his life on the line for our country and he was honored for it the way it should be,” he added.

Even though they’ve never met, Harvey said he’d be honored to provide this veteran a final place to call home.

“We will be happy to keep him here as an honorary family member. Yes, we will be very happy to hang onto it.”


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