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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A Mid-South family is demanding answers after their teenage son received a black doll with a rope around its neck.

An employee who works at the Landers Center, a coliseum in Southaven, was handed the doll and allegedly told, “This reminds me of you.”

“I can’t say on camera what I really feel, so I’m just going to keep it quiet,” Arrica Jefferson, the mother of the worker, said.

Jefferson was ticked off Tuesday and said her son was a victim of racism.

“She gave you a black doll with a rope around its neck,” Jefferson said.

Southaven Police confirmed the incident happened at the Landers Center Sunday.

Jefferson claimed she dropped her son off at work when a disgruntled employee handed him the doll, described as a little black statue.

The statue had what police called a noose around its neck.

Jefferson said, “I look at it, and I was like, immediately I called him, and I asked him, is she crazy?”

Police said the woman left the property after saying, “There are demons up in here, and evil people I can’t work with.”

“I would love for everybody to be treated the same,” Jefferson said.

The Landers Center issued the following statement:

“The Landers Center does not discuss personnel matter by policy nor does it tolerate harassment of any kind. The individual in question is no longer an employee of the Landers Center.”

Jefferson said the doll is still tough to look at, but also calls it a wake-up call.

She says we as a society still have a long way to go.

“Pay attention. You know? Color is out here. Racists is still here,” Jefferson said.

Editorial note: The person who received the doll is related to an employee at WREG News Channel 3.