Chauncy Black's attorney says family 'regretful' about person who was shot

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man who was featured in a viral fundraiser in 2016 appeared before a judge for a murder charge Thursday morning.

Chauncy Black, 19, and his brother Timothy Black are both charged with second degree murder after shooting and killing 26-year-old Kaleb Wakefield on Saturday.

Police say Chauncy and his brother were shot at outside their Cordova home and then returned fire, hitting Wakefield in a house across the street.

The brothers then hid their guns, which they admitted in court they did not have a permit to carry.

Ben Israel, Chauncy’s attorney, says Chauncy’s family is “very regretful and concerned about the person who was shot.”

Chauncy Black is a familiar face to local media. In 2016, a good Samaritan named Matt White put Chauncy’s story on Facebook, saying a hungry Chauncey asked to load his groceries in exchange for White buying him doughnuts.

White bought him groceries instead and gave him a ride home. After seeing the teen didn’t even have furniture at home, he set up a Go Fund Me page that quickly raised more than $300,000.

Chauncy’s attorney tells WREG that Chauncy did get most of the money after taxes were taken out.

“Some of the money was used to buy a home they stay in in Cordova. Some of the money was was used to purchase lawn equipment for a lawn service company that Chauncy was running until he was arrested,” Israel said.

Less than four years later, Chauncy is fighting to stay out of prison.

Israel says he is not sure how much of the more than $300,000 is left. The money is sitting in a trust.

“He can only receive that money to be spent on particular purposes,” Israel said.

Chauncy’s family members say he fell in with the wrong crowd.

Chauncy and Timothy will be back in court on January 17.

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