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(Memphis) Memphis police are investigating the death of a man found in a pool in the Medical Center area of Memphis.

An emergency call was made around 6:30 a.m. after the man was discovered in the pool at the Park Tower Apartments on N. Somerville St.

A neighbor told News Channel 3 he was walking around the apartment building when he saw the man at the bottom of the pool.

He dove in to pull the victim up, but says it was too late. The man’s body was already showing signs that he we dead.

“I wish I had been earlier. I wish something had woke me up earlier and I`d save him,” said Jerry Cunningham, who tried to rescue the man.

The neighbor reported seeing a towel and other personal items laying near the pool.

Police have not released the man’s identity, but neighbor tell News Channel 3 he was in his 60s.

People who live at the Park Tower Apartments say it has very strict hours about the pool which closes at 10 p.m. They believe the man went for a late night swim alone sometime after the pool closed.

Swimming safety experts are urging both adults and children to never swim alone.