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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is trying to clear his name after being falsely accused of kidnapping someone and holding him hostage.

“I was shocked,” Jacques Burrus said. “I was shocked. I was appalled in a way.”

That’s how Burrus said he felt after seeing his name and face shared all over, saying he was wanted for a kidnapping.

“I lost my job because of this, you know,” Burrus said. “I’m having problems with my kids going to school having to hear their father is a kidnapper—a criminal.”

Amanda and Bruce Wren

The situation started earlier this week when Amanda and Bruce Wren told police they met Burrus to buy a PlayStation. They said Burrus pulled Bruce Wren into his car and drove off.

Wren said he stabbed Burrus to get away.

Burrus said he’s shocked that he’d be accused of doing something he didn’t.

He said what really happened was he met up with the two siblings to sell them, what he believes, were legal pills. He said Bruce didn’t seem in his right state of mind, leading to an altercation.

“I’m limited to say things, but while I came out there, I was approached, and I just stopped a person from doing something to me and defended myself,” Burrus said.

He said he never drove away with anyone nor was he stabbed.

“By the time I calmed down and thought about calling the police, I was already on the news,” he said.

Police said that same day, Burrus showed them text messages to back up his story, and they cleared him as a suspect. They then arrested Amanda and Bruce Wren for false reporting.

But Burrus’ picture was still shared as a wanted criminal for days.

“My kids are getting ridiculed at school because of this,” he said. “It aired on the news two days straight.”

He said his kids are the reason he wants to clear his name and move forward.

Police said Bruce and Amanda Wren admitted their original report was fake. They were each given a $5,000 bond.