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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing charges after police say they caught him drag racing through a Whitehaven neighborhood.

People who live in the area say they hope this charge will bring change. Memphis Police say 23-year-old Allan Wallace was drag racing in the area of Lakeview and Winchester.

An officer said he saw Wallace in a Camaro and another driver stopped at this light. As soon as it turned green they sped off, illegally drag racing, and causing a public safety hazard.

At one point, the cars fish tailed as they made a turn. A who man lives in the area says drag racing is a constant problem. 

“It could be mornings, it could be afternoons, it could be evenings. It’s all day, all night,” the area resident said.

Back in March, we told you about four men arrested for drag racing. In that case, police say they were also driving recklessly off Winchester.

“A car is a deadly weapon. I don’t know what’s caused this increase, but it is incredibly disturbing,” said Amy Weirich, the Shelby County District Attorney.

It is a disturbing increase, but local lawmakers are trying to do something to stop the trend. There’s a bill which strengthens penalties for illegal street racing was recently passed in the Tennessee House.

The bill states organized street racing on public streets or parking lots would be a class A misdemeanor which would result in up to a year behind bars and a hefty fine.

People we talked to say they’re glad police are showing this issue attention.

Wallace’s car was impounded, and it’s unclear when he will get it back.