Covington kidnapping suspect stole car with child inside, police say


COVINGTON, Tenn. — A man was taken into custody after he crashed a stolen car with a three-year-old child in the back seat, Covington Police said.

Late Thursday evening, Covington police responded to Discount Liquor after a vehicle was stolen. The driver told police she ran into the store and when she returned the car and her child were gone.

During the search, officers were notified by the Brownsville Police Department that they had the child in their custody. The suspect had reportedly crashed the car and then fled into a nearby trailer park before being arrested.

He was identified as Sean Browder and charged with auto theft, kidnapping, child endangerment, vandalism and driving on a suspneded license.

The child was not harmed in the crash.

A picture of Browder was not available at time of posting.

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