Man dodges bullets while repossessing vehicle in North Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A tow truck driver had to make a run for it Tuesday night after an angry customer fired shots at him while he was trying to repossess a vehicle.

Jereme Eggert was repossessing a car at a home on Olympic Street around midnight when things took a violent turn. Police say he was starting to drive away with the car in tow when Terrion Gibson came out of the house and started shooting at him.

Gibson then got into another car with a woman named Anjerracle Jones and chased after Eggert as he sped away.

Authorities say Gibson shot at Eggert during the pursuit, but the tow truck driver was eventually saved when he pulled up next to a patrol car he spotted on Jackson near I-40.

The officer inside chased down the attackers and arrested them.

With so many bullets flying through a neighborhood, people we talked with know this could have ended much differently.

“They could have killed somebody, an innocent bystander, you know? So, that’s not good,” a resident said.

Jones and Gibson are now facing aggravated assault charges.

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