Man claims his daughter hit him in the head during a fight over TV show

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A fight over a television show took a violent turn in Raleigh on Tuesday night. It got so bad that a man ended up calling the police on his daughter.

Neighbors say the people who live at a house at Arms and Joselyn have only been there for a couple of months. But now one of them, a woman, is behind bars after police say she attacked her father while they were watching television.

Roosevelt Ray wasn’t home Tuesday night. But his surveillance cameras captured some of the action at his neighbor’s home across the street.

“We got a good neighborhood. Nothing like this normally happens around here. The most you might see is raccoons tearing up garbage. That’s it,” he said.

Ray says his wife heard gunshots. He had no idea police were called to his neighbor’s home after a father and daughter got into a fight over a television show.

“That’s wild. It’s not supposed to be that serious, you know.”

Police haven’t said what they were watching. But they say Angela Cathey hit her father several times with a crutch, leaving a gash in his head.

Her father says he was able to get the crutch and that’s when his daughter hit him with her fists and ran to a bedroom. He says he called police after he heard his daughter on the phone asking someone how to use a gun because she was going to him.

The father told police he heard gunshots as he ran from the home.

“In this day and time people are so crazy in the head. Sometimes you have to learn how to relax. If you get into it with your father then it’s best you walk away and come back later,” Ray said.

Police say they found a handgun in the house and a bullet hole in the bedroom wall.


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