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(Millington, TN) After almost a month on the run, Shelby County deputies caught a man they say is responsible for a heinous and violent crime.

Officers believe Pierre Polk beat and then raped a Millington woman as she held her baby in her arms.

It happened November 29, but the Fugitive Apprehension Team just caught Polk  Monday night hiding in a Millington motel.

We talked to the victim’s step-father who is glad Polk is in jail, but doubts even jail will help the man who he calls “twisted.”

Deputies say the victim was tortured for 11 hours.

“Putting his hands on her, beating her,” said the step-father, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Deputies say Polk walked into his ex-girlfriend’s house and when she refused to get back together with him, he kicked her in the head until she blacked out, twice.

Polk then reportedly threw her in a cold shower where she woke up and then raped her as she clutched their 3-month-old baby.

She told police, Pierre said “When I get through with you, nobody will want you.”

After the rape, Pierre is accused of pacing the floor with a weapon, similar to an ice pick, threatening to take their child away.

Instead, deputies say he took her iPad, saying it would be a nice gift for his new girlfriend.

“This isn’t the first time he’s done something like that either,” said the victim’s step-father.  “When they were both juveniles, he did something to the same effect in Tipton County.”

The victim’s step-father says the 19-year-old girl had been in an abusive on-and-off relationship with Polk since she was 15, “I guess he talked his way back in and the next think you know she`s pregnant.”

This time she tried to keep him away but deputies say she ended up being held captive to his violence.

He’s now in jail but forever tied to the victim because of their baby, “That’s the sad part about it.”

Polk is charged with aggravated burglary, kidnapping and rape and is being held on a $2 million bond.