Man charged with attempted murder after Boo Mitchell’s son shot in the back, beaten


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Grammy award winner Boo Mitchell is expressing his shock and disbelief his son, Elijah Lewis, was a victim of gun violence over the weekend in Memphis.

Mitchell says his son was attacked and shot in the back. He says the bullet went through his son’s spinal cord and now Lewis has lost feeling in his legs. The man police say pulled the trigger; Glenn Smith is now charged with attempted second-degree murder. Mitchell says the family is praying and grateful that Lewis is still breathing.

“We’re glad that he’s alive,” Mitchell said. “He’s awake. He’s in good spirits considering everything.”

Memphis Police are saying Smith ambushed Lewis and his girlfriend at a Cordova home. The couple showed up to the house off Beaver Trail Saturday morning when they saw the blinds in the front room move. They then went inside to investigate and that is when Lewis was shot in the back. His girlfriend ran to get help, and she saw Smith running from the home.

Arresting detectives say Smith admitted to changing the locks at the woman’s home two months ago. Smith kept a spare key for himself that she was unaware of. Over the weekend he broke in, grabbed her gun, and waited for her to come home. Smith says he shot Lewis after he was shot at first, also admitting to kicking him and taking his gun. 

Mitchell says he believes Smith once had a relationship with his son’s girlfriend. Additionally, he says not only was his son shot in the back, possibly paralyzed but several of his ribs were broken and his teeth were knocked out.

“As far as all the medical technology I’m trying to be an optimist, I will always remain optimistic, and I know prayer works, the power of prayer,” Mitchell said.

Despite everything going on with Lewis’ health, Mitchell says the family is praying and hoping for the best. And, he says he is thankful for the support they are receiving.

” The support from the music community and just the whole Memphis community has been overwhelming,” Mitchell said. “(And) the team at Regional One, they’ve been nothing less than angels.”

Mitchell says the family is sticking together through this ordeal and will come out stronger on the other side.

Boo Mitchell won a Grammy in 2016 for “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, which was recorded at Mitchell’s Royal Studio in Memphis.

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