Man charged for refusing to leave birthday party during pandemic


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is facing charges for refusing to leave a birthday party on Saturday.

Jeremial Lee is charged with weapon and drug possession as well as violation of quarantine law.

Memphis police say people are charged with violating quarantine law when they are with 10 or more people and refuse to leave when asked.

Arrest records say officers were responding to a shots fire called near the intersection of Mississippi and Georgia.

When officers made the scene, they found a large group of people attending a birthday party near a fire station.

Officers told the crowd they had to leave due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Police say the crowd was not listening to orders. Lee allegedly refused to leave and began making threats towards an officer.

People living in the area say it is a common place for people to gather.

Roosevelt Foxx, Jr. lives nearby and says he’s not one to stay at home.

“I might as well go on down to 201 Poplar and let them lock me up down there,” Foxx said. “That’s my thought on it. I’m not going to lock myself up and I’m not allowing nobody else to do that.

Officers detained Lee and found a gun in his waistband and a bag of marijuana in his pocket.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning.

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