Man Charged For Allegedly Shooting At Another Man Over $4

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(Memphis) A man is jail, after he shot at another man over four dollars.

“What kind of things can you get with four dollars?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Not too much, a loaf of bread, some eggs,” replied neighbor Renell Dewitt.

According to Memphis police, $4 is a big deal to Michael Brim. He fired bullets at someone over the few bucks.

“He shot at someone! Come on now I don’t believe that,” exclaimed Dewitt.

Police say Brim and a neighbor were outside his home on Kansas arguing over $4 the neighbor owed Brim, but the neighbor didn’t have the cash. That’s when Brim went inside his home, pulled out a rifle and shot at the man several times.

“4 dollars, Like 1,2,3,4! That man could walk up the street and got the 4 dollars from me,” expressed Dewitt.

Thankfully Brim’s aim wasn’t very good. The victim managed to hop into his car and drive away unharmed. He called police who arrested Brim Saturday.

Dewitt calls the shooting unbelievable.

“Had it been $400, had it been $400, would you be able to see that?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Probably yes, but shooting someone still,” said Dewitt.

Dewitt says she’s never seen Brim. It might be awhile before she does. He’s behind bars charged with aggravated assault and facing a $30,000 bond. That’s a lot of payments of $4.

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