Man charged after a shooting at a community center


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is facing attempted first degree murder charges for a shooting at a Binghampton community center.

Arrest records say Henry Bufford is accused of firing shots, when a fight broke out, at the Lester Community Center, back in August of 2019.

According to police, a victim showed up at the Regional Medical Center saying a fight broke out at the community center. Someone started firing shots and the he was shot in the hip.

Detectives figured out Bufford was connected to the violence from evidence collected at the scene.

Bufford was arrested Monday on a theft warrant at a home on Jib Cove. Detectives found two guns in the home.

The Shelby Criminal Justice Center website shows Bufford has a lengthy criminal history. He has charges dating back to October of 2018, ranging from robbery, carjacking, evading arrest, theft and vandalism.

He is expected in court Tuesday morning.

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