Man caught on camera stealing donations


Photo given to WREG

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. – Surveillance cameras captured a man breaking into the Dyersburg Moose Lodge Sunday around 9 a.m. and stealing about $450 from an envelope marked “Donations.”

The Moose Lodge had been collecting the money for an upcoming charity barbecue to benefit needy children.

“I mean, it’s weird. Nine o’clock in the morning, Sunday morning,” said Rick Leighton, administrator at the Moose Lodge.

The crook, who took no pains to cover his face, spent about 30 minutes pacing around the building before breaking in through a door in the back.

“He was checking the tops of the doors and everything in the door frames looking for a key,” said Leighton.

In the process, the thief even took apart an ash receptacle, which he left in pieces on the ground outside.

Once inside, it took him another 30 minutes to find the cash he was looking for.

He caused quite a bit of damage, at one point, taking a bat to a lockbox.

“Basically busted the hell out of it and then pried it open with this only to find that there was just cards in there.”

As soon as the crook found the $450, Leighton said he left.

“It’s like, to me, taking food out of children’s mouths.”

During the burglary, the crook never once seemed to notice any of the more than a dozen cameras sprinkled throughout the building, nor the sign outside warning of them.

“I’m not a little guy and it’s probably a good thing, for (his) sake, that I wasn’t here to catch him,” said Leighton. “He’s just dirt scum and I hope he goes to jail for this.”

WREG’s repeated calls to the Dyersburg Police Department were not returned as of Wednesday evening, but Leighton said that as far as he knows, the man in the video is still at large.

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