Man caught on camera dumping limbs on construction site

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A social media post of a man illegally dumping limbs on a construction site in Cooper-Young is making the rounds.

We can’t show you the man’s face because he hasn’t been charged in connection to a crime. But he wasn’t supposed to be on the property, much less dumping his mess.

“It’s hard to deny someone’s face on video,” George Gattas, with Gattas Home Innovations, said. He installed the cameras that caught the man.

Owners of the construction site didn’t want to go on camera but they confirm the man on the video recorded April 19 was indeed trespassing.

“It’s not your word against mine, it’s video evidence. It’s pretty hard to deny,” Gattas said.

Since the pictures started making their rounds on social media, speculation of the man’s identity has begun to surface.

The owners of the property wasted no time making sure anyone thinking of using their site a dumping ground thinks twice. New signs about illegal dumping are posted as well as warnings about security cameras.

Gattas makes a career out of protecting others, but he’s also been on the other side of it. “I’ve been a victim myself. I had someone steal a lawn mower from my front yard about 7 a.m.”

Now he swears by surveillance cameras and thinks others should do.

Police are investigating. Illegal dumping is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

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