Man caught on camera attacking Nashville woman after she refused advances

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A woman is safe this morning after she was attacked at a Nashville gas station for reportedly refusing a man’s advances.

Bailey Cantrell told WTVF in Nashville she was sitting in the Kwik Sak parking lot waiting for a friend when the man approached her asking for her number. She said she told him no twice. After the third reproach, she told him she identified as a lesbian and that’s when he reportedly went berserk.

Cameras were rolling as the man jumped on the hood of her car and began kicking at her windshield. The glass shattered and Cantrell, scared for her safety, put the car in reverse just trying to create some space between them.

Dazed and with glass in her eye, Cantrell jumped out of the car and that’s when the man grabbed her. She said she began flailing her arms trying to get out of his grasp. It eventually worked and the suspect took off.

According to WTVF, the man accused of attacking Cantrell has not been taken into custody.But the video has been shared online and has since gone viral.



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