Man caught in East TN fires ‘disturbed’ after two juveniles charged for setting blaze

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tonight a Memphis native who survived the wildfires is reacting to the news two people may be responsible for destroying so much.

Andy Mason went to Gatlinburg to celebrate his 4th wedding anniversary with his wife and their 2-year-old daughter before they were displaced.

After hearing the news today, he told WREG the juveniles shouldn’t be the only ones held accountable. He said their parents should be charged as well. More importantly, he said no one should have to go through what his family and several other families went through last Monday night as they raced to get away from the fire.

They drove through smoke. Everywhere they looked all they could see was a firestorm.

After three days in a shelter, Mason is back home and at work here in Memphis. He said he’s very disturbed to learn the devastation may have been caused by two juveniles.

“Where were their parents? That`s what I`m thinking. You have two juveniles out there on their own started a fire and destroy a whole community. 14 people died.”

More than 150 people were injured and 1700 structures were damaged or destroyed.

“The juveniles shouldn’t be held responsible for this the parents have to take some accountability cause you need to monitor your kids they`re juveniles.”

Authorities wouldn’t say where the juveniles are from or their ages.

More charges may follow.


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