Man carjacked and kidnapped after suspects offer to help with wheelchair

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Police are still looking for one of the two men accused of carjacking and kidnapping a disabled man outside a Binghampton home Monday morning.

The man told police he getting out of his car on Harvard Avenue a little after midnight when two men approached and offered to help him with his wheelchair.

When he turned down their offer, he told police they hit him in the back of the head with a blunt object, then forced him back into his car and drove him to a number of businesses attempting to use his credit card.

Chattie Hampton only heard of this when police came knocking at her door Monday morning searching for the suspects.

“I’m the mother of nine little kids living and I dare one to come to my house with that bullcrap,” she said.

Police say it was Hampton’s 33-year-old grandson, Joseph Hampton, and her 17-year-old great-grandson who did the kidnapping. It doesn’t surprise Hampton’s father.

“They just got out of prison, what, about a week ago,” said David Hampton.

“This man in a wheelchair, couldn’t do nothing himself, and you’re gonna hit him with a wrench? No, he can’t come back here, period,” said Chattie Hampton.

Family members say that the 17-year-old’s father walked him over to the Tillman police precinct to turn himself in. Joseph Hampton, they said, showed up at the back door of their apartment as they were talking with police.

“I went there to look and he asked me to let him in. I said, ‘No, you ain’t coming in here,’ so I come out and told the police, I said, ‘He right here on the back,’” said Chattie Hampton.

But Joseph Hampton managed to slip away. It turns out it was his second escape of the day.

He had been pulled over for a traffic violation during the kidnapping by a Shelby County Sheriff’s deputy, but deputies say the victim didn’t indicate he was being held against his will and the suspects were allowed to continue with only a ticket.

Police said they eventually allowed the victim out at a street corner and took off with his car.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said that when the kidnapping was later reported, the deputy who had pulled the suspects over recognized the vehicle description and called the Memphis Police Department.

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