Man beaten and robbed while walking home from North Memphis store

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man says he was attacked and robbed while walking home from a store Saturday night.

David Walker struggles to make ends meet.

“Man, I work hard every day — work hard, work hard and still ain’t got no money,” he said.

He doesn’t have many dollars to his name, and sadly, most of those were stolen around 9 p.m. Saturday after he left the Vollintine Market in North Memphis. 

The 53-year-old said he was walking behind two men, and when he got close, they spun around on him with guns in their hands. 

“They jumped, turned around pointing that pistol at me. Told me to drop it off,” he said.

He said one of them pistol-whipped him and wanted his money but didn’t want Walker to make a move.

“I told him where the money was,” Walker said. “He said, ‘Don’t go in your pocket. Don’t go in your pocket, or I’m going to shoot you.'”

He said he stayed still while the thief rifled through his pocket and took $200. After that, he and his accomplice ran off.

“It happened so quick, I wasn’t even scared,” Walker said. “I didn’t get time to get scared, it happened so quick.”

He answered quickly when WREG’s Andrew Ellison showed him pictures of the suspects police put on social media Friday.

“It’s them. Got to be,” he said.

And he hopes investigators find them.

“Man, something wrong with them, something wrong with them,” he said. “I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

Walker doesn’t know why this keeps happening to him. He said this is the third time he’s been robbed in less than a year. Now he’s thinking about carrying a gun.

“I don’t (have a choice),” Walker said.

Gun or no gun, he said he’s too scared to go back to that market.

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